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Velvet Heart is a contemporary women's line focusing on sportswear and dresses. The brand embraces femininity, vintage details and quality tailoring. Inspired by the traditional fit and design of previous fashion eras, these changeable novelty pieces work together as a collection, mixing textures, new versions of classic fabrics and the art of detailed handwork. Velvet Heart specialty treatments and fabrications all look and feel luxurious.Velvet Heart fabrics are cut and finished to lie perfectly and complement a woman’s body. “Refined, classy, and chic with an uptown edge,” creator Moshe Tsabag says about his collection. "Velvet Heart is an alternative for the selective and discriminating woman who appreciates style and sets herself apart from the ordinary,” says Moshe. “The savvy, sophisticated consumer who wears Velvet Heart is concerned with high end style, amazing fit and the details and quality only found in select designer clothing.”